About Types of Credit and Debit Cards That Can Be Used

You can use:

1) All the credit, debit and prepaid cards

2) PayPal

3) Bank Transfer

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Our cooperation with Alpha Bank, a pioneer in the field of secure online/electronic transactions, guarantees credibility and security of your purchases through our e-shop.

If you're paying for your order using a credit or  debit card you'll be asked to enter your card details as part of the ordering process, and you'll find further instructions when you place your first order.

If you want to change your existing payment card details, you can do this in Your Account. Under Payment Settings, click Edit or delete a credit card then sign in.

You can add a completely new payment card through your account without  having to place an order. Under "Payment Settings", click "Add a credit card", then sign in and enter the card details.

Is it safe for me to make purchases from your online shop using my bankcard?

Yes, because:

The card verification site/form where you enter your card details is provided by Alpha Bank. Your card details are encrypted and sent to the issuing bank for approval. These details are not released to third parties.

(not even to the provider of the product you wish to buy)

The technology and systems that are used to guarantee your shopping security include:

• Encryption of your card details (SSL 128)

• Alpha Bank security systems that record and protect access to and data in its systems.


Prices are shown do not include VAT.

There is additional tax of 24% for EU countries.

For all other countries there is no tax.

There is no minimum order value.

Our online shop retains the right to change prices without notification. Customers should always pay the total amount cited on the invoice even if the price has changed by the time the order is delivered.

Shipping costs According to total price.

Free ELTA delivery with orders over 100 euro.

Free DHL delivery with orders over 300 euro